Why IS The Community Business Venture So Important?

Your new ideas and solutions are urgently needed now to stop economic Inequality. FirstRateCrowd's Community Business Venture provides us with a crowdsourced and crowdfunded platform to take the first steps forward towards this end. Our very lives depends upon it.

Time is of the essence but in a manner previously never thought of before. This is due to technology’s ever-accelerating rate of growth in conjunction with the rapidly deteriorating political process careening toward conservatism. The merging of these two events leads us to the most important question of our modern time: "Who will control the Singularity?"

Whose authority will determine which individuals are allowed into the future society or—with just the throw of a switch—which individuals are terminated from the system? It is a Germanesque echo, circa 1939, where some individuals were terminated in Nazi dominated areas immediately and others were left to linger in concentration camps. In either case, the effect was the termination of the individual from the system.

On November 13th, 2015, Doctor A posted a reply to FirstRateCrowd's forum under the major category of Economic Inequality regarding New Age Slavery. My post points toward a renewal of slavery due to economic inequality. Slaves are inherently treated poorly and many are terminated from the systems in which they live either by a slow and gradual decline or a rapid death.

"Most assuredly Wage Inequality causes slavery, just not the type stereo-typically portrayed on television or in the movies. When many people think of slavery they think of modern day Blacks or ancient Jews in the days of the Pharaohs. The slave, bound with ropes or iron shackles, was restrict in their freedom and forced to perform tasks they otherwise would not do. The conditions caused by Wage Inequality are still slavery but with the physical restraints now being replaced by economic constraints. This type of loss of freedom is slow and insidious but nevertheless real and debilitating in a physical sense. If your parents are poor, there is a greater likelihood you too will be poor. If your parents are uneducated, there is a greater likelihood you too will be uneducated. Those relegated to poorer neighborhoods are many times bound by the chains of drug addiction, poverty, crime, loss of medical attention, and the like. The fence of days gone by that restricted a servants movements is now replaced with a financial barrier of similar impenetrability. Both circumscribe the free will of the individual."

"This is now slavery and on a grand worldwide scale. No longer is it restricted to small regions but rather large swaths of society are affected."

"Slavery seem to be embedded in our DNA. I do not know of a major ethnic or religious group around the world that was not enslaved at some point in time. And with slavery comes annihilation. It is in our history that the sick, weak, and troublemakers are culled from the herd first. Then come the legal justifications for mass extermination. History does not treat the slave well and I surmise this will carry on into our future. Do you really think they will take care of all of us? Why should they?"

Here then we see a great potential once again for their termination.

But there is another side to this termination scenario. One of the ultimate goals of the Singularity is to avoid physical death. It is a holy grail of the technological Singularity to make us immortal by digitizing individuals onto the internet. Your physical body will be left behind; your digital body-that is scans of your physical body, mind, and consciousness-will be uploaded and "live" inside the computer. Those who find the thought of such an existence unsettling are asked to weigh this against the current trajectory we are on of providing pollution, climate change, disease, and threats of nuclear war.

But yet again a great potential for termination looms large. This time a digital life on the internet would be just the flip of a switch away from termination and not involve the primitive and antiquated methods involving bullets, gas, and starvation.

In either scenario, someone or something will make a decision as to who will be terminated. Under what circumstance and from who's authority will this be?

Currently, a great triangle of control between the Trump presidency, Republican control of the congress, and an eventual right-leaning Supreme Court looms forbiddingly over the future. Like a triangular bayonet with three razor-sharp blades, once plunged into the tissue of societal underpinnings it leaves a gaping three-sided puncture more difficult to heal than other wounds.

We are all aware that ideas potentially have an enormous amount of power to bring about change. When ideas are well-thought-out, planned properly, effectively implemented, and benefit the good of the whole, then those ideas can provide the solutions we are so desperately looking for. Undoubtedly, given the scope of the problem and the number of individuals who make up the 99%, there are more ideas to be cultivated and gathered. But this must be done now. Somewhere among us are the bright-minded individuals capable of providing the solutions we so clearly need.

From the Major Category, Economic Inequality: Pitchforks and Torches, Doctor A previously posted the following to the Admin's post:

Post #1 by Site Admin Posted On: » Mon Nov 02, 2015 3:47 pm

The Singularity

The coming Quantum Computer Revolution with its associated subjects of the Singularity, (Ray Kurzweil), will make it impossible to stop the 1% with the outdated modes of pitchforks and torches. The 1% will obviously own the superior computers and robotics. They will gain the ability to hide on the internet never to be caught. Let us know what your opinion on this is.

Post #: 2 by Doctor A. Posted On: » Tue Nov 03, 2015 10:54 am

Yes, This is spot on! The old methods of stopping the 1% with pitchforks and torches will no longer work with the coming Singularity.

It is obvious only the very rich will be able to afford the Quantum Computers ushering in the Singularity. The following is a quote I found from PC World.

"D-Wave last year introduced the second-generation quantum computer called D-Wave Two which has a “list price north of $10 million,” according a research note from financial firm Sterne Agee on Wednesday. The note had a picture of a D-Wave Two with a list price of $15 million.

From PC World
D-Wave prepping quantum computers to outperform conventional servers
By Agam Shah
Mar 12, 2014

I have done a scientific study (Ha...just kidding) by asking my friends if any of them have the means to afford a Quantum Computer and the answer was a resounding "No." Actually, many did not even know what a quantum computer was let alone Kurzweil's concepts on the future of technology.

One has only to couple this with the Robert's Supreme court decision "Citizens United" where Corporations are now considered People to see where this is going. It is clear the very wealthy have been manipulating the court system for the past 30 years to feather their own beds. This is continuing at an unprecedented pace and the trajectory points to more and more control for the corporate elite.

With access to the fastest and most sophisticated computers in conjunction with changed laws in their favor, the rich will be able to hide in the internet with their Quantum Computers making the decisions for them. We will not be able to catch-up to them as they continue to upgrade and expand their technology nor will we be able to even locate them. Just try poking a pitchfork at your computer and see what happens.

Technological change is accelerating. Acceleration is defined as the rate of change of velocity and this rate of change is now increasingly at an exponential rate. At the end of the rope the Singularity is soon approaching; it is an end we cannot even grasp with our minds let alone with our hands unless we act now for the good of the whole—for all of us. Just over the horizon looms the end of an era where the pitchforks-and-torches paradigm will no longer be effective. Then what? As the new quantum-computer age grows larger, even our perception of time is altered. What once was only a future possibility now rockets toward our doorstep due to an exponential rate of technological advancement, industry acceptance, and marketing profitability.

If our brains are left un-augmented, that is to say, without a means to merge our brains with our computers, then our minds will not have the capacity to adapt to future events quickly enough—we are designed for slow evolutionary growth, not for exponentially accelerating growth. Our perception of time will become distorted because our DNA apparatus, built slowly over millions of years to adapt to slower processes, will fail us. Combine this failure of time adaptation with the emergence of a new dominance of the political right, and we have the conditions for a nationally as well as a globally catastrophic event. Like a digital asteroid, an amalgamation of zeros and ones, it hurtles toward us—targeting the untimely demise of the 99%. Whereas before we had declared our ending was "Not with a bang but a whimper," soon there will not even be time to sob. It will only be by a political shift now to a more compassionate liberal philosophy that the 99% avoids annihilation. This in some measure will create the likelihood of enjoying any positive outcomes made possible by the Singularity.

Can you feel your mind's inertia scoffing at this idea? That is a mind predicated upon a slow evolutionary process. To quote Herbert Spencer—an English philosopher of the latter half of the nineteenth century who coined the expression "survival of the fittest" after reading Charles Darwin—"There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance—that principle is contempt prior to investigation." Most individuals who have overcome their own contempt or apathy through the investigative process regarding the Singularity have reached the same conclusion: this is not an exaggerated or farfetched idea. Rather, it has become the gold standard for thinking about the future.

Peter Diamandis—founder and chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation as well as cofounder and executive chairman of Singularity University—is well situated to understand this new, accelerated standard for thinking. In his December 2016 video titled "Imagining the Future: The Transformation of Humanity" he bemoans his conversations with undisclosed Silicon Valley friends, technologists, and colleagues: "People have no idea how fast things are moving....” In an evolutionary or Darwinian sense, not knowing how fast something is moving can lead to the rapid extinction of a species. Perhaps Herbert Spencer's expression "survival of the fittest" is as timely now as it was over a century ago.

On somewhat of a tangent, but still a germane aspect to this discourse, we recently witnessed the power of the oligarchs in our 2016 election process. Their powerful and mostly conservative ideological imprint upon the land goes hand in hand with the ownership of advancing technology; it is an ownership entitling them to choreograph the future in their own image.

From: The Daily Beast
By Joel Kotkin 05.01.16
Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump? The Winner Is…the Oligarchy
The real winners in election 2016 are going to be the new-economy oligarchs who are among Clinton’s biggest donors.


"This presidential election may have been driven by populist fever in both parties, but at the end, the campaign has left the nation’s oligarchs in better position than ever."

"For decades, the Clintons have built their family political enterprise on contributions from the global ultra-rich; between their campaigns and the foundations, the couple has raised, according to The Washington Post, a cool $3 billion, at least a small portion of it coming from Donald Trump. The outrageous foundation fundraising, not to mention her famous Wall Street 20-minute-for-$250,000 speeches, should dissuade anyone from believing Clinton stands as a traditional populist."

"What does all this money mean? Rather than act an avatar of change, like Sanders or even the unpredictable Trump, Clinton will likely govern as the emissary of our new economic elite."

Granted—whether you call her an emissary, ambassador, or just a go-between—a Hillary Clinton presidency was not going to solve the economic inequality problem. But at least it would have afforded us some time to solve the problem compared to the Trump presidency being thrust upon us.

Wikipedia presents a generally accepted accounting of how New York’s Wall Street got its name. Its name is a direct reference to a protective wall erected by Dutch settlers on the southern tip of Manhattan Island in the 17th century. It was originally a wooden palisade, a wall built to protect themselves from Native Americans, pirates, and the British. But the pigs the Dutch owned interfered with the construction of the wall in their quest for food. Now, with a Trump presidency, those of Wall Street have surely broken through and are certainly well on their way to a frenzied feeding at the trough.

While continuing their gluttonous, frenetic feeding, we find still more evidence of an expansive state of economic inequality growing at a rate at least matching the quickly growing girth of their swollen pork bellies.

Trump's 'forgotten Americans' will get lower taxes on the rich and higher income inequality.

From: The Daily Kos
By: Jon Perr
Sunday Nov 20, 2016

Throughout his unlikely journey to the White House, Donald Trump declared himself to be a "blue-collar billionaire" who as President would be the "voice" of the "forgotten man." Rolling out the first of the three versions of his tax plan last December, the real estate tycoon and reality TV star boasted, "it's going to cost me a fortune—which is actually true."

Of course, it's not true. Dodging his traveling press pool, President-elect Trump on Tuesday night headed off to the tony 21 Club in Manhattan. There, to a standing ovation, he told the well-heeled diners the truth: "We'll get your taxes down, don't worry."

Theirs, and his. The man who apparently hasn't paid Uncle Sam a penny in 20 years has proposed a tax cut scheme that will enrich him, his businesses, and his children for years to come. Whether based on The Donald's own outline or House Speaker Paul Ryan's "Better Way" budget blueprint, the Trump Tax Cuts of 2017 will drain roughly $6 trillion from the United States Treasury over the next 10 years. Unfortunately for those forgotten men and women who supported him, decades of evidence show that Trump's massive supply-side windfall for the wealthy won't make him "the greatest jobs president that God ever created." What the 45th president and his Republican allies will accomplish, however, is the greatest expansion in income inequality since Ronald Reagan ambled into the White House.

As we sadly look forward to a replay of this debate in January 2017, one thing is for certain about the next president from the Party of Lincoln: You can fool some of the people all of the time, and that's Donald Trump's target market. Which means that Trump's voters aren't "forgotten men and women of America" at all. They're his marks.

Dare we think this feeding frenzy will stop? From an old pig proverb comes the saying, "Where the pigsty is open, the pigs run out." And run they will, straight to the trough.

Trump's win will certainly embolden him and his surrogates to use deceit and underhandedness to win a second four-year term. They have fattened themselves by propagating fake news, Russian hacking, election interference, fear mongering, voter suppression, FBI manipulation, CIA and FBI condemnation, divisiveness, and a plethora of sordid and morally bankrupt techniques.

Will Trump fabricate or use an existing situation to declare martial law in an attempt to mimic world leaders he admires as an excuse to grab more power? If his past behaviors are prescient—that is, likely to predict his future behavior—then it is more likely than not. As a corollary to this proposition, will the war they create to take the focus off of their ensuing economic disasters be added to the national debt while providing plentiful feed slop for the wealthy Military Industrial Complex in an attempt to keep the trough full?

A Trump presidency, Congressional control, and soon-to-be Supreme Court triangle of triumph make for the greater possibility of overreach. They will surely stab the triangular bayonet deeper into to bellies of the sick, downtrodden, and poor just to engorge themselves. Will reaching for a constitutional amendment to extend the President's term limit be next?

Fantastical ideations you say! Given the way they acted in the last election and since Trump has taken office, the prospect of such occurrences are not unfathomable. To the contrary, one imagines that the French in the late 1930's had similar thoughts and conversations in their Parisian cafes just before the Germans invaded—their nightmarish speculations became all too real.

Remember, it was the pundits and pollsters who said a Trump presidency was not possible. And there are also those naysayers and critics who proclaim the Singularity will never be fully manifested as conceived. But just coming close on either of these accounts is daunting enough to say the least. A situation gruesome beyond recognition comes to mind should the two concepts merge into one river of action—a confluence of the new realities bent upon drowning progressive thought and anyone attached to such ideas.

Yes, time is of the essence because waiting and inaction will distort our judgment of the Singularity’s appearance; it is an appearance happening much sooner and more sophisticated than our minds will be able to handle. Who among us has not lost track of time many times during the day. Time is a mental construct used to make sense of movement. It is a constant battle for our minds to continually track the movement of time. In those vulnerable periods of disorientation and confusion we are susceptible to time ambushing our sensibilities and rational thoughts. Like a predator stalking its prey, we will be had.

Let there be no doubt, the single most important aspect we are really battling for here is to control the future—our future—for the good of the whole. Will we control it or let the wealthy elite control our destiny? Make no mistake; what happens here will determine the outcome of humanity. Whoever controls the Singularity will control the future—will it be us or them?

A Trump presidency now tips the scale in the direction of a conservative ideological domination with the wealthy elites determined at all costs to control the technological Singularity. This is why your ideas and solutions are so important now, not later. In Singularity time, later is always too late. It is a now-or-never moment with the outcome of humanity hanging in the balance. Clearly, the FirstRateCrowd community business venture gives us a means to tip the scale back in our direction.

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