New Age Slavery

With respect to the current state of economic inequality in the USA, if you can relate to any of these synonyms for the word OUTRAGE , either as a noun or as a verb, then you are in the correct forum:

Indignation, Fury, Anger, Rage, Disapproval, Wrath, Resentment, Scandal, Offense, Insult, Injustice, Disgrace, Atrocity, Crime, Wrong, Barbarism, Enrage, Infuriate, Incense, Anger, Scandalize, Offend, Affront, Shock, Horrify, Disgust, Appall, Evil, Violation, and the list goes on...

Before you begin, CLICK HERE to learn about the Counter-Intuitive Impact Of Economic Inequality upon the problems of health and society. This speaks to the very core of the matter; Economic Inequality Is Harmful.

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Looks like time is running out as the middle class is no longer dominant in the USA. One has to wonder how many of these individuals still have the illusion of freedom. It is a milestone indicating we are further along into an eve...

Re: New Age Slavery

Post by MaureenCarter » Tue Nov 06, 2018 9:38 am

Perhaps we are seeing evidence of the Stockholm Syndrome with people being taken as financial hostages. Despite Trumps glowing report on his booming economy, time has run out for the middle class and the poor with many being held in dire financial distress.

Wikipedia describes this syndrome.

"Stockholm syndrome is a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity.[1] These alliances, resulting from a bond formed between captor and captives during intimate time spent together, are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims"

Seems to me a lot of individuals are being held as financial hostages by the Trump administration and have developed a psychological bond as a means of survival.

From Fast Company
By Adele Peters 11-01-18 ... ly-healthy
Despite the “good economy,” only 28% of Americans are financially healthy
Only 45% of people in a new survey said they have enough to cover three months of living expenses.

By some measures, the American economy is booming. Corporations are raking in profits. Unemployment is low. But wages are still stagnant, and a new report says that only 28% of Americans can be considered financially healthy.
“We felt like we needed to create a definitive study that helped to demonstrate that while the larger economic headlines around a roaring stock market, and low unemployment, and great consumer spending are out there, that’s not actually telling an accurate story,” says Jennifer Tescher, CEO of the Center for Financial Services Innovation, the organization that created the report, called the U.S. Financial Health Pulse.

The organization, which works with startups that are building financial health tools, surveyed more than 5,000 Americans this year.

Nearly half said that their spending had equaled or exceeded their income in the last 12 months.
44% of those relied on credit cards to make ends meet.
Only 45% have enough to cover three months of living expenses (even though the majority of Americans say that they save whenever possible).
42% have no retirement savings.
30% have more debt than is manageable.

The report aims to give a fuller picture of financial health than typical studies. “We tested dozens and dozens of indicators,” says Tescher. Looking at something like annual income, for example, doesn’t necessarily indicate whether someone can cover their expenses. “If you’re not really understanding how people are managing their money in a day-to-day kind of way, you’re missing the whole picture,” she says.
Today is voting day for the USA mid-term elections. Unless they are the elite, most people voting for Trump's glowing economy are being held as economic slaves and showing signs of emotional bonding with Trump as an attempt to stave off financial ruin and their own demise.
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REFERENCING: Doctor A, Post #4, Posted Nov 20, 2015
Yes, we can stop it.

By stopping Wage Inequality I do not mean we drag it to the bathtub and drown it. By stop I mean we reduce it to tolerable levels so it stops having such a detrimental effect upon the rest of us.

The ...

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"At the very least, we need to create an aura of shame around the greed of these CEOs and not exalt them to a God like status. Cultures can also be changed."

I completely agree with your well-phrased solution. Throughout history, the social concept has been to praise, admire, and follow wealthy individuals. It's a completely normal human reaction to follow and support people who have what we want. Society protects them by wanting to be them. What if this was taken away? Can the 1% even be ashamed? As an idealist, I would like to believe that the need for human acceptance does not elude anyone. What if we could change the way these individuals view society, view wealth, and maybe even themselves? The 1% needs to be so publically shamed that their future generations will want social acceptance so much they no longer follow the principles of their wealth hoarding family and associates. They control us with fear so we must make them fearful of their own kind.

Shame on greed.
Shame on the 1%.
Shame on economic inequality.
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"At the very least, we need to create an aura of shame around the greed of these CEOs and not exalt them to a God like status. Cultures can also be changed."

I completely agree with your well-phrased solution. Throughout history, t...

Re: New Age Slavery

Post by MaureenCarter » Fri Nov 30, 2018 9:57 am

I agree, shame on the greedy 1% who cause economic inequality and subsequently cause so much suffering around the world. Yet I do not think historically, as you already stated, it is an effective means to change their behavior. Shaming them does not seem to motivate them enough to cause a significant difference in the way they operate. Rather, many just go underground, painting a different picture of themselves while continuing their nefarious activities. It is almost as if their brain structure for selfish greed and control, which is needed to compensate for the fear they encounter, is greater than their brain structure for shame which is an evolutionary mechanism for social cohesion. Perhaps their brain structure is so much different from yours and mine that they have little control over this. Maybe researchers in the future will study the brain structure of the 1% related to shame and let us know if this is the case. Regardless of the outcome of any future research, it is not the "why" aspect of their brain structure that matters so much. Instead it is the "what" aspect of their brain whereby what their brain structure causes is so much misery for the rest of us.
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REFERENCING: Doctor A, Post #20, Posted Dec 6, 2017
Income And Economic Inequality Do Not Just Happen By Accident.

We are at war; it is a war between competing brain structures. What we are witnessing is the opening salvo of class warfare on a world wide scale. Few dare to call it w...

Re: New Age Slavery

Post by Jessica » Wed Jan 09, 2019 10:41 am

I want to add an increase in loneliness and food insecurity as well as other inevitable outcomes as derived from economic inequality as stated in Sterling's post #18 under, The Community Business Venture. The list is growing and important to remind ourselves of the depth and magnitude of the toxic nature of economic inequality. Everyone can relate to something on this list and keeping at the forefront of the discussion allows us to remember what we are fighting for.

Wars (increased)
Terrorism (increased)
Life expectancy (decreased)
Math and literacy (decreased)
Climate change (increased)
Infant mortality (increased)
Homicides (increased)
Imprisonment (increased)
Teenage births (increased)
Trust (decreased)
Obesity (increased)
Mental illness (increased)
Drug addiction (increased)
Alcoholism (increased)
Social and work mobility (decreased)
Impact of money in politics (increased)
Pollution (increased)
Women's rights (decreased)
Racism (increased)
Food Insecurity (increased)
Loneliness (increased)
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The United Nations report on poverty in America indicates 40 million people live in poverty. This is a form of slavery caused by high levels of economic inequality and denied by President Trump's administration.

Nikki Haley is not ...

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Post by MaureenCarter » Sat Jan 26, 2019 11:35 am

Give me a break! Nobel Prize winner Robert Schiller says Senator Warrens Wealth Tax probably will not work and proposes a plan that would kick in 10 years into the future should inequality "become catastrophic."

Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has just proposed a wealth tax on Americans worth more than $50 million.

Bloomberg politics
Warren’s Wealth Tax Probably Doomed, Nobel Winner Shiller Says
By Catherine Bosley
January 25, 2019, ... bly-doomed
“There is a problem with the wealth tax,” Shiller, economics professor at Yale University, told Bloomberg Television’s Francine Lacqua and Tom Keene on the sidelines of the Forum on Friday. “People leave, they take their business elsewhere.”

Instead, he favors a plan that would kick in the future, perhaps in 10 years, should inequality “become catastrophic.”
Become Catastrophic? From the UN report of my forgoing referenced post,
“At the other end of the spectrum, 40 million Americans live in poverty and 18.5 million of those live in extreme poverty,” he said. “In addition, vast numbers of middle-class Americans are perched on the edge, with 40 percent of the adult population saying they would be unable to cover an unexpected $400 expense.”
His Nobel Prize set aside, Schiller has, if you will excuse my french, "$hit for brains" or at the very minimum, a lump of coal for a heart.

As exemplified in the wikipedia article below, I wish we had a deck of cards for the top worst people sponsoring economic inequality like the US military had for the Saddam Husein regime. I am sure Schiller's card would be a Joker.
Most-wanted Iraqi playing cards
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

During the 2003 invasion of Iraq by a United States-led coalition, the U.S. military developed a set of playing cards to help troops identify the most-wanted members of President Saddam Hussein's government, mostly high-ranking members of the Iraqi Regional Branch of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party or members of the Revolutionary Command Council. The cards were officially named the "personality identification playing cards". As of 2018, all but 6 of the 52 most wanted have been captured.

About the cards

Each card contains the wanted person's address and, if available, the job performed by that individual. The highest-ranking cards, starting with the aces and kings, were used for the people at the top of the most-wanted list. The ace of spades is Saddam Hussein, the aces of clubs and hearts are his sons Qusay and Uday respectively, and the ace of diamonds is Saddam's presidential secretary Abid Hamid Mahmud al-Tikriti. This strict correspondence to the order of the most-wanted list was not carried through the entire deck, but some time later in 2003, the list itself was renumbered to conform (almost) to the deck of cards. The card backs feature a green military camouflage pattern.

According to US Navy Lieutenant commander Jim Brooks, a spokesman for the Defense Intelligence Agency, such playing cards have been used as far back as the US Civil War and again in World War II—Army Air Corps decks printed with the silhouettes of German and Japanese fighter aircraft fetch hundreds of dollars today—and in the Korean War. Troops often play cards to pass the time, and seeing the names, faces and titles of the wanted Iraqis during their games will help soldiers and Marines in case they run into the wanted individuals in the field, Brooks said.[1]
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REFERENCING: Jessica, Post #27, Posted Sep 1, 2018
The USA is no longer classified as a "full democracy" and is now rated as a "flawed democracy." We need democracy to support a free and vibrant internet to fight against authoritarian rule and for the Economic Inequality Rating App to flourish.

Re: New Age Slavery

Post by Jessica » Tue Feb 12, 2019 2:49 pm

To corroborate the previous post that the United States is no longer a full Democracy,
The latest edition of “Freedom in the World,” Freedom House’s flagship report, has just been released. For the second year in a row, the United States had a score of 86, down from 94 in 2009. According to Michael Abramowitz, Freedom House’s president, it’s the lowest score for the United States since the survey began.
This information comes from a separate independent source,

The New York Times
Latvia Above Us, Croatia Below
Under Trump, America is no longer in the top tier of democratic countries.
By Michelle Goldberg
Feb. 4, 2019 ... cracy.html
Though still ranked as free, America now falls below not just Canada and the Nordic countries, but also Greece, Latvia and Mauritius. “The current overall U.S. score puts American democracy closer to struggling counterparts like Croatia than to traditional peers such as Germany or the United Kingdom,” the report said.
The world offers more lessons about how democracies grow weak and brittle than how they can be revived. America may never again be taken seriously as the global champion of liberal democracy. But perhaps it could at least figure out a systematic way to repudiate illiberalism. We’re not the only country that’s going to need it.
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