Re: WOMEN ISSUES as they relate to income and economic inequality. Enough!

Posted: Thu Mar 22, 2018 2:29 pm, #4
by MaureenCarter
The Economic Inequality Rating App (EIRA) and the Community Business Venture are the way to go. I have been reading more and more posts on this site about these initiatives. I have come to the conclusion the only realistic way out of our woman's conundrum is through these mechanisms. Until we reach pay parity with men, there will be no true equality.

From Sterling's post #4, under the heading, "Let us know what you think about Wilkinson's video?," we know the technological singularity will eclipse the non wealthy most of whom are women.
Peter Diamandis—founder and chairman of the XPRIZE Foundation as well as cofounder and executive chairman of Singularity University—is well situated to understand this new, accelerated standard for thinking. In his December 2016 video titled "Imagining the Future: The Transformation of Humanity" he bemoans his conversations with undisclosed Silicon Valley friends, technologists, and colleagues: "People have no idea how fast things are moving....” In an evolutionary or Darwinian sense, not knowing how fast something is moving can lead to the rapid extinction of a species. Perhaps Herbert Spencer's expression "survival of the fittest" is as timely now as it was over a century ago.
We also know there is no biological way out of this. We cannot change our biological status fast enough and breed our way out of this. God knows, we have failed at this race since time immemorial. Here we have the Admin of post #1 of this topic stating something I very much believe,
Our fight for gender equality will never be successful until we stop rampant economic inequality—and its associated income inequality—that shackles women. A fair and equal society cannot be achieved without first addressing economic inequality as the main factor allowing a male-dominated society to exist.
Added all together, we need to do something different and in a different way.
Sterling goes on to say,
We have no choice. But we must organize and mobilize in order that it be done.

However this mobilization to counter those wealthy individuals who wish to actually do us harm needs to be a different paradigm moving forward. One cannot fight a war with the last war's technology and strategies. It is especially true regarding the timeliness of the mobilization because political solutions from days gone by will also no longer be adequate. This is today's reality as we move towards an ever accelerating technological singularity.
It is obvious we are in a war, a literal fight for our very survival, and we need new ideas and fresh blood to win the day. I am in agreement when Sterling goes on to say the FRC ideas are really our best way out,
This brings me to the central point as to why the Community Business Venture is so important. It allows us to organize with new ideas, technology and innovations as a means to mobilize. These ideas will need to come from the collaborative efforts of our member's collective psyche. It is the only way we can win. A good example of these new ideas is the Economic Inequality Rating App (EIRA) (found on the home page). Once developed, and with a sufficient amount of the population using it, it is a guaranteed way to stop economic inequality. Whereas Wilkinson's video points out the corrosive effects of economic inequality upon our society, FRC gives us the tools to fight back. Wilkinson presents the problems, FRC offers the solutions.