Re: WOMEN ISSUES as they relate to income and economic inequality. Enough!

Posted: Sun Mar 11, 2018 2:18 pm, #2
by Jessica
This paper firstly argues that unless the causes of extreme economic inequality are urgently addressed, the main beneficiaries
of women’s economic empowerment will be the richest, the majority of whom are men.
Here is more fuel to add to this unjust fire and another reason why we should stop this now.
The Huffington Post 03/11/2018
Trump Is Remaking The Courts In His Image: White, Male and Straight
He’s nominated 87 people to be lifetime federal judges. They’re about as diverse as a casting call for “Mad Men.”
By Jennifer Bendery ... 47bec6107c
More than a year into his presidency, Donald Trump is making the nation’s courts look a lot more like him: white, male and straight.

To date, Trump has nominated 87 people to be judges with lifetime tenure on U.S. district courts, circuit courts or the Supreme Court. Eighty of them are white, or nearly 92 percent. One is black, one is Latino and five are Asian or Pacific American. He hasn’t nominated any Native American judges.

Put another way:
The president also keeps nominating men. Sixty-seven of his court picks are male, compared to 20 who are female.

That translates to about 77 percent being men.
This will obviously maintain the status quo with rich men suppressing women through economic inequality. More needs to be done to address the real issues women face, that is to say, economic inequality.