WOMEN ISSUES as they relate to income and economic inequality. Enough!

Posted: Sat Jan 06, 2018 7:50 am, #1
by Admin
This is a call for meaningful action by all the women of the world. Our fight for gender equality will never be successful until we stop rampant economic inequality—and its associated income inequality—that shackles women. A fair and equal society cannot be achieved without first addressing economic inequality as the main factor allowing a male-dominated society to exist.

This forum is based upon the 2016 Oxfam Briefing Paper Summary, WOMEN AND THE 1%. It explains how extreme economic inequality and gender inequality must be tackled together. This publication clearly indicates that because the Woman Rights Movement is not directly confronting economic inequality, it is indirectly and inextricably linked to economic inequality in a negative way. Here is a link to the publication:

https://www.oxfam.org/sites/www.oxfam.o ... m-en_0.pdf

The publication’s salient points are as follows:

“This paper firstly argues that unless the causes of extreme
economic inequality are urgently addressed, the main beneficiaries
of women’s economic empowerment will be the richest, the majority
of whom are men.”

“Secondly, this paper will argue that the two processes that drive extreme concentration of wealth, political capture and market fundamentalism, are also standing in the way of gender equality and women's rights, and particularly those of women in developing countries.”

The First Rate Crowd platform is specifically designed to fight against economic and income inequality. Read WOMEN AND THE 1%, then participate on this forum. Join us in the fight to improve our lives and make the world a just and equal place for everyone. Our hope and dreams can be achieved.