The Economic Inequality Rating App (EIRA)

As the single most important technology to counter the negative effects of economic inequality, we need to create the demand for its development and use now.

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The Economic Inequality Rating App (EIRA)

FirstRateCrowd has developed an idea for an Economic Inequality Rating App for handheld or other uses. This will essentially become a way to economically boycott select aspects the 1%. The Rating App will provide clear guidelines as to which products and services, or which individuals providing these products or services, are aligned with the 99%-Crowd in contrast to those aligned with the 1%. By following these ratings, the 99% can not only capture the revenue normally lost to the 1% through Economic Inequality, but also redirect this revenue back to themselves.

This is a concept only. Our community will not actually develop the working app but will only discuss and develop the concept. We believe the concept is invaluable in our mission to stop economic inequality. Our goal in this matter is to create the demand for the concept such that a third party outside our organization, such as an individual, company, or another entity, would want to develop the actual app or a similar item.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the EIRA.

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