Re: FirstRateCrowd's EIRA

Posted: Wed Apr 19, 2017 10:50 pm, #6
by Jessica
This is priceless. Doctor A in the second post really slapped these people in the face when he said,
First Rate Crowd just wants to practice good capitalistic policy by having the 1% compete for their revenue dollars with an EIRA. If the 1% has a less attractive product then what we offer, the market place will decide who gets the consumer's hard earned dollars. Their product is obviously less attractive because, like so many rejected products,the packaging is flawed. In the case of the 1%, their packages are wrapped in the toxic and lethal envelope of societal harm. Their packages come bundled and cloaked with a shorter life expectancy for the rest of us, increases in mental illness, obesity, drug usage, and higher homicide rates. Frankly, the effects of their packaging causes many of the detriments and life stresses contrary to our well being. This noxious and dangerous wrapping is poisoning the very environment in which most of us live. Is this something we really wish to purchase? I think not.
I was too young to take part in many of the Vietnam war protests but I do remember reading about some of the boycotts. One still stands out in my mind quite well. There was a large grocery chain in my town supporting the war effort. The protesters would take turns shopping there and loaded up their shopping carts to the brim with many small items. When it finally came to be their turn at the checkout registers, they would say they forgot to bring their cash and needed to go get a check from their car. Of course they never returned. The market was stuck putting all of the items back. Quite a few people would rotate through the various stores doing this which caused the market to spin their wheels returning all the items. Financially it must have had an effect because shortly thereafter the grocery chain changed its stance on the war to a more neutral position.

The point is, boycotts do work.

If the EIRA was to be developed and work as described, it would surely be a quantum leap above most boycotts I have ever seen. It certainly gets my vote.