Re: FirstRateCrowd's EIRA

Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2019 8:49 pm, #28
by Jessica
The use of Regulatory Capture exists not only in the United States to curry favorable conditions for politicians and corporate entities but also on the world stage. An example of this is China's use of the process to manipulate the development of an international artificial intelligence rule-book aimed at giving them a future advantage over other countries.

What’s Behind the International Rush to Write an AI Rulebook?
By , Edd Gent, Jun 11, 2019 ... -rulebook/

Although the article does not use the term Regulatory Capture per se, it is obvious from their description of the process that this is what they mean when they say,
There’s no better way of ensuring you win a race than by setting the rules yourself. That may be behind the recent rush by countries, international organizations, and companies to put forward their visions for how the AI race should be governed.
The article points to China's role in this process when it states,
China became the latest to release a set of “ethical standards” for the development of AI last month, which might raise eyebrows given the country’s well-documented AI-powered state surveillance program and suspect approaches to privacy and human rights.

But given the recent flurry of AI guidelines, it may well have been motivated by a desire not to be left out of the conversation. The previous week the OECD, backed by the US, released its own “guiding principles” for the industry, and in April the EU released “ethical guidelines.”