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Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2019 10:21 am, #23
by Jessica
"Its The Economic Inequality Stupid" should be our new mantra. Elizabeth Warren's plan to break up big tech is not a simple matter and departs from the folksy wisdom of KISS, Keep It Simple Stupid. Controlling modern day markets is a risky business with unforeseen consequences. Surely the Economic Inequality Rating App, EIRA, is a better way to accomplish controlling high tech's control over us and especially its eventual manipulations guaranteed to increase economic inequality. Lets try Adam Smith's powerful free hand of the market place with the EIRA first before we go off on tangents requiring huge amounts of regulation and control. By putting the power back into the hands of the people through the use of the EIRA, I think we can do a much better job than the regulators can do.

In case you missed it, here is Warren's new plan to break up big tech, ... d9e0da324c

Once developed, the EIRA will allow an individual to select the equality virtues best in line with their own internal values. These large corporations and even smaller business's products and services will be rated to give an individual a match in value set that is best for them regarding economic inequality. Remember, the main goal is to stop economic inequality. Everything else is secondary to this concern in the long run. An individual may want more privacy by choosing DuckDuckGo over Google due to its lack of tracking but we will need to see what the final economic inequality rating turns out to be. There may be another option other than these two that overall has a lower EIRA score and this then would be the product to choose. Although the individual may think privacy is paramount, it is really the product or service with the lowest economic inequality score that matters. This I derived from Doctor A in his above posted words,
There needs to be a new direction of thought and action away from organizational and individualistic centered ideology towards that of a unified front to stop economic inequality. Conservative's brain structure, policy and regulatory capture by the rich, money in politics, flaws in capitalism, and movement nearing the rise of a technological singularity will all play a role in crushing any hope for humanity unless this new direction is achieved. Until that time, it will be business as usual with the last two human generations witnessing ever increasing economic inequality in the USA being proof positive that the old way of thinking is outdated and outright ineffective. What follows is a compilation of four basic mechanisms taken from the FirstRateCrowd website which are instrumental in enslaving our thoughts and actions unless we change.
I sum this up with the bumper sticker slogan of,

Its The Economic Inequality Stupid.

This should be our new mantra. Until people can divest themselves of their fractured and divisive thought patterns about what is important, all will not go well. In fact we will remain at a standstill or even worse, the conservative view will advance with their economic power.

We need to think of this in terms of the new paradigm and a revolution of ideas. The definition of these concepts originally presented by Doctor A in post #3 under the major category, The Community Business Venture (A GENERAL OVERVIEW DISCUSSION)
From: Merriam-Webster: Simple Definition of revolution : a sudden, extreme, or complete change in the way people live, work, etc.

Clearly, we can see the traditional corporate-centric form of capitalism, which has been around for hundreds of years, is ripe for change.

As a refresher...

From:, Intro to Business: What is a Paradigm Shift in Business? Instructor: Natalie Purcell

A paradigm is a perception or a group of ideas about how things should be done, made, or thought about. In other words, it's your perspective on the world, your point of view, or your beliefs about what's true. A paradigm shift occurs whenever there's a significant change in the way an individual or a group perceives something, and the old paradigm is replaced by a new way of thinking, or a new belief.

Individuals have their own personal paradigms, or lenses through which they view the world. Corporations and other organizations have corporate paradigms regarding the methods by which they believe their goals will best be accomplished.
So, what every you are working on in your daily life, be you an individual, a team, a university, or a business entity, STOP. Unless your actions are couched in the new thought paradigm of stopping economic inequality, all of you good intentions and energy will be useless in the long run. We all need to wrap our minds around this to create a new collective mind set where the whole is greater than the individual parts.