Re: Pitchforks And Torches Will No Longer Be Able To Stop The 1%

Posted: Sun Dec 01, 2019 7:58 am, #43
by Doctor A
A major force creating economic inequality is the coming technological singularity and within this domain is the concept of convergence. This is where all of the existing technological fields are not only individually advancing exponentially but are also interacting with other exponentially advancing technologies in new and synergistic ways; this pushes the speed and complexity of the dawning new technologies to unimaginable heights.

The technological singularity can be defined as "a hypothetical point in the future when technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, resulting in unfathomable changes to human civilization. Due to the exponential processing power of the coming super computers, a technological singularity will occur. Advancing at inconceivable rates, it will overwhelm our human capacity to understand it." Although this produces an exponentially accelerating growth curve of technological development in total, this curve is really made up of a multitude of smaller curves all individually accelerating exponentially in their own right. Meanwhile, it is the various interactions of these smaller curves in various combinations and permutations that produces the final outcome. This interaction of a technological field interacting with many other various fields is an example of convergence.

Singularity University
Progress is About the Convergence of Technologies
No Technology Thrives Alone
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The Law of Accelerating Convergence

The strangest, most interesting and magical-seeming creations of the future will occur at the intersection of multiple exponential trend lines. You might call this the law of accelerating convergence and can summarize it as follows:

As technology continues to exponentially accelerate, the interactions between various subsets of exponential technology will create opportunities to slingshot past the already breakneck speed of accelerating change in ways that are even stranger and more difficult to predict than the path of any individual exponential technology.

If we look at any singular outgrowth of exponential tech and focus solely on it, we’re missing the vast possibility space of the ways technology is about to reshape the world.

This is a tough concept to get our heads around.

Even trying to work through the ramifications and implications of a single exponential technology requires diligent thought and the willingness to take intellectual risks. Trying to comprehend how they’re all going to affect each other is six shades of impossible.

After all, what’s more important: artificial intelligence or biotechnology? What is going to have a bigger impact on the world: nanotechnology or solar energy? These questions don’t have easy answers. There’s an insidious assumption hidden within, which is that different technologies operate independently of each other. But in practice, they don’t. The importance of biotech might hinge on a crucial development in artificial intelligence. A new solar breakthrough could come about by applying concepts from nanotechnology.

The only way to know the future of virtual reality is to study the future of artificial intelligence. The only way to know the future of 3D printing is to study the future of biotech. The only way to know the future of energy systems is to study advanced materials design.
To gain an appreciation of the magnitude of the interactions involved, here is a list of some of the individual current day technologies and related fields involved in this process. These in turn will create even more newer technologies all interacting and accelerating at an exponential rate. The complexity and speed of this giant technological web will be unfathomable.

3D Printing

Artificial Intelligence

Augmented Reality


Big Data



Brain-Computer Interface












Food and Agriculture





Internet of Things






Stem Cells

Virtual Reality

Any one of these areas alone, moving at an exponentially accelerating rate, would create a future avalanche of new possibilities let alone the convergence of all of these interactions taken together. What might happen boggles the mind.