Re: Pitchforks And Torches Will No Longer Be Able To Stop The 1%

Posted: Fri Aug 09, 2019 12:58 pm, #32
by Doctor A
Obviously today's rate of technological advancements are mirrored by the phenomenal sums of money flowing into these projects.

From the above referencing post we have a clear idea of how the wealthy will maintain their control of the coming singularity.
The elite get rich off the technological advancements, not so the less fortunate. The increase in economic inequality ensures the wealthy will maintain their control of the technology and that revenue is distributed to the wealthy. The laws will ensure it happens this way. Taken together, increasing technological advancements and an increase in economic inequality create the perfect storm against the 99%. While the good fortune of the wealthy spirals upwards, hardship and misfortune plagues the rest of us.
Here are two recent examples of the huge amounts of cash fanning the flames of these technological advancements:

1) CNN Business
SoftBank wants its second massive tech fund to raise $108 billion
Sherisse Pham, July 26, 2019 ... index.html
SoftBank is launching another mega tech fund.
The Japanese tech company said Friday that it expects to raise $108 billion for the new Vision Fund 2
Vision Fund 2 will plow money into tech startups driven by artificial intelligence. Billionaire SoftBank founder Masayoshi Son has repeatedly said that he wants to have a stake in companies leading the AI revolution.
2) Financial Times
The billion-dollar bet to reach human-level AI
By Richard Waters, August 3, 2019 ... 9a3a8cf37b

The San Francisco-based AI research group, OpenAI, set up four years ago by tech industry luminaries including Elon Musk, Peter Thiel and Reid Hoffman, has just thrown down a challenge to the rest of the AI world.

Late last month, it raised $1bn from Microsoft to speed its pursuit of the Holy Grail of AI: a computer capable of so-called artificial general intelligence, a level of cognition that would match its makers, and which is seen as the final step before the advent of computers with superhuman intelligence.

According to Mr Brockman, that money — a huge amount for a research organisation — will be spent “within five years, and possibly much faster”, with the aim of building a system that can run “a human brain-sized [AI] model”.