Re: The Community Business Venture (A GENERAL OVERVIEW DISCUSSION)

Posted: Fri Apr 14, 2017 10:40 pm, #8
by Jessica
Hey Doctor A, I like what you said.
Every revolution has a spark, a defining moment for change. I believe FirstRateCrowd can be the spark for this type of benevolent revolution here and now. The gravity of our situation warrants your immediate attention and action. We all need to join together to solve this problem. Not doing so would be a grave disservice to us all.
Anyone who thinks we are not in a perilous time needs to have their head examined. From what I read so far, and I have read plenty of business plans, the business plan outline is well thought out. Of course the devil is in the details but at least as a cursory first view it makes sense and hangs together. Too many times I have seen people try to start a revolution only to fail miserably because they are under capitalized and run out of steam. At least whoever wrote this plan understands the concept and the financial numbers at the end of the plan looked significant enough to have an impact. I was with OWS and they could not get it together financially or otherwise. What a shame. Good intentions only go so far in this world. But it looks like you guys have a plan and it makes sense to me.

The so called revolutionists I have spoken with all think they need to put their bodies on the line for a cause. These numbskulls have some egotistical desire to become martyrs for a cause. Not me. If I can help with a revolution from my kitchen table that is wonderful. I have no desire to have my head cracked open by a police baton. If others were to put a tenth of their effort into something like this they and everyone would be much better off. Keep me off the cross. You will not find a martyr here but I will fight for a cause.

Perhaps people do not understand that when you say, "immediate action and attention," you mean now. Once Trump and his boys, those in his immediate cabinet and those all the way down the line to his supporters, ruin this country, it will be way more difficult to repair what has been destroyed. It will take about two years for the deterioration of our economy to really show up on the books. You just don't change the direction of the largest economy in the world overnight because of the momentum it has. But sooner or later, the foolishness will set hold and drag our economy down.

Sure, we stopped Trump and the Republicans on immigration and health care but he is now a wounded animal who can lash out and cause a lot of damage. Looks like he aims to do just that next in North Korea. Seems like another testosterone induced machismo miscalculation of risk to me. We women are less likely to take such risk and put the world in peril. But Trump adores the attention his big stick approach is getting at Fox and Friends so he will be sure to repeat such actions in the near future just to satisfy his attention needing ego.

You can bet your bottom dollar Putin is laughing his butt off just thinking about the USA getting bogged down in a land war in Asia again. Oh say, did I forget to mention Trump never learned that lesson in Vietnam because of his medical deferments during the draft. But wait, what was I just thinking! Why go through all this mess when you can just drop a nuclear bomb and solve the problem. But hey, in Trumps mind the feeling of dropping a nuke is probably not much different to that of dropping a bankruptcy on a city. Due to his brain structure, or rather I should say a lack of brain structure as evidenced on MRI scans for those with Narcissistic Personality Disorder(this is what I learned by reading doctor A's previous posts on brain structure), Trump's emotional understanding of compassion for other people is severely lacking. In his mind there is not much difference between the two events. They both just get rid of the problem quickly with little emotions attached. Will repeated nukes equivalent repeated bankruptcies? Maybe in his mind the answer is yes.

I really hope these investigations into his staff about possible collusion with the Russians will bring the small fish into the net with the big fish so we can get them all at once for treason. There is now so much smoke in the room the FBI cannot even see the smoking gun.

Overall I like the idea of our own company. I have donated to Kickstarter and GoFundMe campaigns in the past but with very little input into the system. Do I really need another tee shirt or coffee mug. Here it looks like we will have a lot more say as to what happens in the company once it gets up and rolling than anything I have ever seen before.