Re: All the six About sections as they relate to the Community Business Venture.

Posted: Sun Jan 15, 2017 11:15 pm, #2
by Doctor A
This is interesting! We get to crowdsource ourselves for ourselves

As a volunteer on the site I have been given the opportunity to read the entire plan and I am impressed with its scope and depth. Most importantly, it is one of the few plans I have encountered that has the potential to actually significantly reduce Economic Inequality. For years now I have been reading the academic research on the subject matter and this is what I have found:

(1) Many articles point to the existence and severity of Economic Inequality but do not propose any meaningful solutions. Given the state of affairs around the world, the effect and degree of the problem is well substantiated and any individual saying otherwise is either a fool or has a hidden agenda.

(2) The solutions presented in the literature are unrealistic and presented in a fractured fashion. By unrealistic I find them to be expecting either a Kumbayah moment between the Democrats and Republicans in the United States or for the Lion and the Lamb to settle down together on the world stage to solve our problems. Neither could be further from the truth. The proposals presented are akin to threadbare and worn out clothing needing to be thrown out; a new suit is needed. When it comes to being fractured, one has only to look at the many and separate initiatives competing for attention. To list a few:

Climate change
Drugs and alcoholism
Teen age pregnancy
The effects of money in politics
Pollution and green initiatives
Longevity rates in various demographics
Women's rights
Social and work mobility
Prison recidivism rates
Education rates

And the list goes on...

But there is one root common denominator underlying all of these afflictions and that is Economic Inequality. It is obvious if we could significantly decrease Economic Inequality by decreasing Income Inequality we could ameliorate many of these problems.

The idea for a company, First Rate Crowd, that manifests itself as the very embodiment of reducing Income Inequality, is both brilliant and doable. It is a cohesive and practical mechanism helping to mitigate these problems. This is because it addresses the common core denominator of Economic Inequality. It is with great confidence I support the initiative for this Community platform. Should it be implemented on a significant scale, the world would be a much better place to live.