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by Jessica
The battle for the control of our brains' is heating up with Elon Musk's new company called Neuralink. It is hoped this company will provide a direct link interface between our wet brain and that of our computers' and other devices. Elon Musk is doing this project as a counter balance to the possibility of run away artificial intelligence. In this scenario, humans will be left behind as computers outpace our intellect in the dawning technological singularity.

From: Innovation Engineering
Neuralink: How the Human Brain Will Download Directly from a Computer

Neuralink, Elon Musk's neurotechnology company, is building a tool to link human brains with computers without a physical connection.
By Susan Fourtan, September, 02nd 2018 ... a-computer

Neuralink, the brain-computer interface and neuroprosthetics company started by Elon Musk and others in 2016 is developing ultra high bandwidth brain-machine interfaces to connect humans and computers. Elon Musk is also the CEO of the company.

The neurotechnology company headquartered in San Francisco, California is expected to develop implantable brain-computer interfaces (BCIs).

Neuralink aims to make devices that intially would treat serious brain disease and brain damage that was caused by a stroke in the short-term. In the long-term, the company's goal is to develop the technology for human enhacement.
Neural Lace is a brain-computer interface technology that could allow human brains to compete with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Currently, Elon Musk is funding research toward the development of Neural Lace technology, this is the emerging technology that could link human brains with computers without the need of a physical connection.

This would be possible by implanting tiny electrodes into the brain. The result would be the enhancement of memory and cognitive powers by effectively merging humans and Artificial Intelligence.

Elon Musk, who runs several successful companies, including Tesla and SpaceX, has outlined his fears in several opportunities saying that the rapid advancement in Artificial Intelligence means that humans will either have to merge with Artificial Intelligence at some point in the future or become irrelevant. When he is asked about why he founded Neuralink he responds saying that the "existential risk is too high not to."

Neuralink is a mix of futuristic science and brain surgery. Linking the human brain directly to computers and other electronic devices via cybernetic implants allows the mind to interface with gadgets and programs, and this is what Neuralink is going to be all about.

According to Elon Musk, brain-to-machine (B2M) interfaces are an important part of humanity's future. It is well known that Elon Musk and others are concerned about the impact of Artificial Intelligence on the world and the future of humanity as we know it. By finding a way to increase humans' intelligence to equal that of the Artificial Intelligence programs of the future, or superintelligences.

"We are, all of us, already cyborgs," Elon Musk said at the Beneficial Artificial Intelligence conference. "You have a machine extension of yourself in the form of your phone and your computer and all your applications . . . by far you have more power, more capability than the President of the United States had 30 years ago," Musk said.
Neuralink: Neural Lace explained

According to Elon Musk, without the creation of the Neural Lace technology, humans will be unable to keep pace with the rapid advances in Artificial Intelligence. He says that there is a good chance that humans may become the intellectual equivalent of the house cat.

As an immediate application, Neural Lace could potentially help patients suffering from brain injuries and certain illnesses. However, the utimate goal and mission of Neuralink are to successfully merge the human brain with machine, fusing human intelligence with Artificial Intelligence. As a result, this is expected to bring humanity up to a higher level of cognitive reasoning.

Neural Lace: How it works

At some point, Neural Lace is going to enable humans to upload and download information directly from a computer. Just in a similar way how Neo from the Matrix does in order to learn new skills and acquire new information.

In order to insert Neural Lace, a tiny needle containing the rolled up mesh is placed inside the skull. The mesh is then injected and unveiled upon injection, encompassing the brain.

The Neural Lace integrates itself with the human brain. It creates a perfect symbiosis between human and machine. This technology could be the catalyst for the technological Singularity.

The following videos on this Neuralink space are helpful to understand the nature of this new technology:

Here is the most recent link, ... evice.html
In the previous referenced post, Doctor A presents aspects of the future battle for brain control which is encapsulated in his following statements,
From Doctor A's post #6 we have,

2) Let there be no doubt, the single most important aspect we are really battling for here is to control the future,our future,for the good of the whole. Will we control it or let the wealthy elite control our destiny? Make no mistake; what happens here will determine the outcome of humanity. Whoever controls the Singularity will control the future;will it be us or them?

Regarding the words, "Whoever controls the Singularity will control the future", the word control implies some form of active intent. One only has to look at the modern day corporate players of Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and other key players at the top of the corporate pyramid to see the level of active control they employ to promote their interests. Their intent is for world domination at least realistically in their their respective fields to control the future. They actively appropriate large amounts of capital and talent to ensure their future technological dominance. A quest to maximize profits and continue growth marches lockstep with a corporate fiduciary duty regarding such matters for their shareholders. This is an active intent to control the future.

Under 1-A Economic Inequality: The Outrage! TODAY'S CONCERNS, from the topic, New Age Slavery, post #20, Doctor A states,

We are at war; it is a war between competing brain structures. What we are witnessing is the opening salvo of class warfare on a world wide scale. Few dare to call it what really is in an attempt to keep the cauldron from boiling over. Nevertheless, the carnage is just starting and will continue.

He also says,

But only one side will win. Let us pray it is us and not just a handful of craven elites with blood stained hands and brain structures bent on controlling the world in an attempt to satisfy their inner greed; it is a greed that can never be satisfied. The very future of humanity depends upon us winning. Losing would surely spell death to each of us as with every successive year more and more automation and robotics will relegate us to the dust bin of history. It is a history where we are no longer needed. Eventually, a cost to benefit ratio derived from an algorithm will lead someone down that slippery slope to ask the question, "Why not just kill them all?" This is the future we are fighting against and the fight must start now if we are to have any chance of winning.

Finally, under Donald Trump and the Republican Party: Anything Goes!,from the topic, Brain Structure Drives The Consequent Effects Of Economic Inequality, we have Doctor A's post #9 where he explains,

I suspect the future research proposed by Dr. Kaplan will show a similar level of intransience and resistance to change political ideology when he tests the conservative group. If this proves to be the case, then I would still choose my liberal brain structure over that of a conservative's. That being said, an individual may not have a choice in tomorrow's world. So, here is the crux of the matter; who will get to choose the structure of the fetal brain wiring with its genetic engineering for future generations; who will choose our adult brain structures as more and more brain prosthetics become available as we slip into old age?

I suggest the dominant political power, which is currently conservative, Republican, and supported by Plutocrats will have sway over these decisions. You, as a member of the 99%, will have little choice in the matter. Just like tax rates, guns, and reproductive rights, certain future brain structures will be mandated. Let us remember the golden rule? No, not that one, rather the one that states, "those with the gold make the rules." Those of the wealthy elite will use their plutocratic positions steeped in conservative brain structures to make it so legally and otherwise. Given the same choice, wouldn't you too base the future upon an image of humanity in the image of your own brain structured world view?
Doctor A also sums up how those with a conservative brain structure will fight to maintain control of the new technology when he states in the same thread on this website from post #28,
There needs to be a new direction of thought and action away from organizational and individualistic centered ideology towards that of a unified front to stop economic inequality. Conservative's brain structure, policy and regulatory capture by the rich, money in politics, flaws in capitalism, and movement nearing the rise of a technological singularity will all play a role in crushing any hope for humanity unless this new direction is achieved. Until that time, it will be business as usual with the last two human generations witnessing ever increasing economic inequality in the USA being proof positive that the old way of thinking is outdated and outright ineffective. What follows is a compilation of four basic mechanisms taken from the FirstRateCrowd website which are instrumental in enslaving our thoughts and actions unless we change.
Doctor A presents four basic power levers utilized by the rich to retain their power. Although these are too lengthy to present here, the levers include:
1) Conservative minded brain structure
2) Policy or regulatory capture along with money in politics
3) Flaws in capitalism, which disproportionately impacts the poor
4)The rise of the technological singularity

He then states,
The above four powerful mechanisms, although not exhaustive in scope and breadth as there are many more mechanisms, are too much for us to surmount and we will be conquered and eventually destroyed by the elite's economic inequality unless we begin to think and act differently.
We are our own worst enemy when we allow these antiquated mechanisms to control our lives. The old rules of activism must be supplanted with a new mindset. The clock is ticking. Wake up and embrace a more advanced activism; rise up to the power of FirstRateCrowd's EIRA.
If this junction between humans and computers can be crated as Elon Musk describes, it will have a profound impact upon the development of the technological singularity. To a certain extent, we will be able to judge the development of the singularity by watching what is happening in this space both technologically and legally. As always, the levers of power Doctor A describes are skewed in favor of the wealthy elite. They will be the ones with the financial resources not only to do the research and bring products into development, but they will also be the ones who will tip the legal scales in their favor. Even though Elon Musk is doing this project as a counter balance to the possibility of run away artificial intelligence, he and other wealthy elite will still control it's outcome. For all intents and purposes, the 99% will remain virtually voiceless in the arenas that matter.