Re: Brain Structure Drives The Consequent Effects Of Economic Inequality

Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 2:56 pm, #31
by Doctor A
Here we have a clear example of how the 1% benefited from the great recession by capturing all of the income gains while the 99% captured nothing. In other words, the capitalistic cycle eventually benefited the wealthy and not the poor once again in the long run.

The 1 Percent Have Gotten All The Income Gains From The Recovery
By Bryce Covert, Jan 28, 2015 ... bee14aab1/

Between 2009 and 2012, according to updated data from Emmanuel Saez, overall income per family grew 6.9 percent. The gains weren't shared evenly, however. The top 1 percent saw their real income grow by 34.7 percent while the bottom 99 percent only saw a 0.8 percent gain, meaning that the 1 percent captured 91 percent of all real income.

Adjusting for inflation and excluding anything made from capital gains investments like stocks, however, shows that even that small gains for all but the richest disappears. According to Justin Wolfers, adjusted average income for the 1 percent without capital gains rose from $871,100 to $968,000 in that time period. For everyone else, average income actually fell from $44,000 to $43,900. Calculated this way, the 1 percent has captured all of the income gains.
While economic downturns like the financial crisis usually hurt the rich, that hit is temporary and income inequality roars back unless drastic regulation and tax policy changes are implemented, he writes.
From my previous post,
Until we can correct the heretofore mentioned imbalances caused by capitalism, and create a new direction of thought and action, the system will continue to be rigged, and we will continue to be crushed under the boots of the elite. The collapse of capitalism is usually caused by the wealthy creating risky laws to enhance their wealth and is the mindset as to how they operate. Whereas they may get killed in the market, many of us less fortunate literally get killed by economic collapse. Until the imbalance is rectified, it will be the same business as usual in a repetitive cycle of upward fortune followed by downward disasters. Although after each and every disaster new laws are put into place to contain the greed of the wealthy that created the disaster to begin with, these laws are quickly diluted down or repealed all together to favor the wealthy once again. What else can we expect from a legal corporate system that has a primary emphasis on fiduciary laws, that is to say, laws that mandate corporations make money for their stock holders as the basic reason for their very existence.
Once again we have been kicked in the teeth by these jack booted thugs. The non-wealthy will continue to be abused in these cyclic capitalistic debacles with the devastation lasting until we take matters into our own hands and finally do something about it. To think otherwise is tantamount to admitting you had a frontal lobotomy.