Re: Brain Structure Drives The Consequent Effects Of Economic Inequality

Posted: Tue Mar 05, 2019 3:23 pm, #29
by MaureenCarter
Thank you Doctor A for clarifying why past activist rules of engagement regarding economic inequality with the 1% are impotent at best. Your articulation and clarity as to the mechanisms holding the 99% in bondage is refreshing to see. I too have similar thoughts as to why my activism is not working and will not work in the future to solve our dilemma.

I recently had an email exchange with a friend of mine who is a top expert in genomics related to the production of cancer chemo medications regarding the usefulness of philosophy. Here is the article in question:

The New Yorker
Annals of Thought
January 7, 2019 Issue
The Philosopher Redefining Equality
Elizabeth Anderson thinks we’ve misunderstood the basis of a free and fair society. By Nathan Heller ... g-equality

My friend is a staunch supporter of philosophy in general and especially of the philosophical work put out by the main protagonist in the article. On the other hand, I see it as inefficient and a running around in mental circles but certainly not sufficient in any significant manner to solve the problems of economic inequality. Oh sure, maybe it can give insight into the scientific process and work synergistically with it or some clerk on a congressional oversight committee would like to throw these thoughts into a bill to bolster their position, but is it really doing any good? My overall thoughts are much more aligned with the views Doctor A mentions. A new paradigm is needed.

Do not misconstrue what I am saying. It is not just philosophy, it is also the science itself. In fact, it is just about everything we are doing which is wrongly directed. We are our own worst enemy when we allow antiquated mechanisms to control our lives. The old rules of activism must be supplanted with a new mindset. The clock is ticking.

For me it is an exercise in philosophical mental masturbation with clever thoughts and words that misses the mark. The science too is putting the cart before the horse. A new cancer cure with philosophical underpinnings will be almost useless if the wealthy block its use. Rather, let us put first things first and create a new paradigm to stop economic inequality.

All of the cancer cures guided by philosophy will not stop the growing list below of what economic inequality is doing to us. To win, we must know our enemy and then attack it otherwise it will be just business as normal which is a loosing proposition.

Let us stop chasing after the glittering fools gold of science, philosophy, or other similar standard models of interacting with the world and realize the enemy at hand; the wealthy elite with their powerful mechanisms to maintain economic inequality are the enemy. I would rather see the salaries and resources of these standard model organizations put to better use by funding the EIRA to stop them. It is the only new insturment I know of that is truly capable of stopping the mechanisms used by the elite from crushing us forever.

Wars (increased)
Terrorism (increased)
Life expectancy (decreased)
Math and literacy (decreased)
Climate change (increased)
Infant mortality (increased)
Homicides (increased)
Imprisonment (increased)
Teenage births (increased)
Trust (decreased)
Obesity (increased)
Mental illness (increased)
Drug addiction (increased)
Alcoholism (increased)
Social and work mobility (decreased)
Impact of money in politics (increased)
Pollution (increased)
Women's rights (decreased)
Racism (increased)
Food Insecurity (increased)
Loneliness (increased)