Re: Brain Structure Drives The Consequent Effects Of Economic Inequality

Posted: Tue Feb 19, 2019 1:51 am, #27
by janebird21
Researchers discover physical, neurological differences between children of different socioeconomic classes proving that economic inequality is more than just a wage gap and unfair wealth distribution.

It is a catalyst for injustice. We can call it what we want, try to turn a blind eye, or even repeat to ourselves "Well, sometimes life isn't fair and what could I really do about it?" but the truth of the matter is we can begin formatting it as a tangible problem. Problems have solutions. They also have causes and effects. We need to understand both before a solution can be reached. This is why Dr. Kimberly Noble's work is so important. I have to strongly disagree with Doctor. A's statement that the timing of this research is inconsequential.
SO WHAT? With all the thousands of research studies linking income and economic inequality to social ills, do we really need another study linking poverty to negative cognitive outcomes?

The answer to the question is a definitive yes, but with the caveat, not right now.
Oh yes sir, uh-huh sir, right now sir. For one, this isn't another "social ill" that takes years of analyzing primary data that if you're lucky, results in a clear correlation back to (you guessed it) economic inequality. Even then, who really wants to look at your graphs when they're too busy trying to force their unsustainable income into anything mirroring a sustainable existence.
increasing evidence that poverty itself—and not factors like nutrition, language exposure, family stability, or prenatal issues, as previously thought—may diminish the growth of a child’s brain.

Although Dr. Noble's research does take time and correlation, here are three reasons it should be done now and not group into the "social ill" pile:
1. It removes predisposed arguments and doubts from the naysayers
2. It takes the guesswork out for everyone else.
Unlike what you will see during a real-time brain scan, this is a black and white issue. Poverty has a physical consequence and it can be seen in the brain of developing children.
3. It affects anyone born in poverty, it removes the instinctual response to overlook pressing issues by distancing oneself based on differences. If you and your neighbor both grew up in poverty. You both were affected and regardless of race, gender, or what religion your parents raised you in. The only dividing factor is wealth and only a few have it.
What’s more, the data indicated that small increases in family income had a much larger impact on the brains of the poorest children than similar increases among wealthier children.
Instead of welfare programs What if policymakers looked at fair taxes and wealth distribution. What if that 1% paid their share of taxes and this was redistributed? What would the human race look like and what doors would open to us if we could change all the brains of a population for the better? What if wealth redistribution was the catalyst for the next step in human evolution.