Re: New Age Slavery

Posted: Sun Dec 13, 2015 5:51 pm, #10
by Doctor A
From the article: "The disparities in wealth that we term “income inequality” are no accident, and they can’t be fixed by fiddling at the edges of our current economic system. These disparities happened by design, and the system structurally disadvantages those at the bottom. The poorest Americans have no realistic hope of achieving anything that approaches income equality; even their very chances for access to the most basic tools of life are almost nil."
Here is a research article to help explain the mindset of the rich and why these disparities happen by design.

"Income Inequality Makes Rich People Stingier" in Bloomberg Business November 2015
A new study found wealthy people in states with skewed income scales were less generous. ... e-stingier

What's behind the findings? The authors say concentrating wealth in the hands of a few may lead to "the belief that one is more important and deserving than others." That sense of entitlement may make the rich less altruistic and lead them to "believe that resources rightly belong to them."