Re: New Age Slavery

Posted: Thu Nov 19, 2015 5:14 pm, #4
by Doctor A
Yes, we can stop it.

By stopping Wage Inequality I do not mean we drag it to the bathtub and drown it. By stop I mean we reduce it to tolerable levels so it stops having such a detrimental effect upon the rest of us.

The first order of business is to stop the 1% from telling us what is good for us, that their salaries are justifiable. We need to be the ones controlling the narrative, not them. The average person in our country thinks a CEO should only receive an order of 7 times larger than what the average line worker makes, not 335 times. In the time some of these executives take to relieve themselves at the urinal they have made much more than the average line worker makes all day. They are not that special. Even Peter Drucker says the ratio should not exceed 20 to 1 or so much resentment would ensue as to significantly decrease productivity. Remember, these are the upper limits we are talking about here. If we just took an average of these upper limits it is somewhere on the order of 14 to 1. Certainly this is a good starting point from my view but it is still a maximal figure. An optimal figure for effectiveness would be even lower than this.

Ultimately this question needs to be put before our community to determine what is optimal and not just maximal. As you are likely aware, some differentiation is needed as an incentive for a CEO to do their jobs. But are they really that much more intelligent, educated, productive, and insightful than the rest of us? I think not. Although they currently have the authority to create such excessive ratios, we in our community have the power to change this. By expressing our power collectively through this site, laws can be enacted to reverse this ratio and then we can control the narrative such that we determine what is appropriate. At the very least, we need to create an aura of shame around the greed of these CEOs and not exalt them to a God like status. Cultures can also be changed.