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by Doctor A
Republicans lie more than Democrats and pass on this fake news to other people more frequently than do Democrats. At the core of this matter is their brain structure. Republican use of deception and distortion in research is just another form of a lie.

Here are some of the debunked lies conservative Republicans believe in,

John Ehrenreich, Nov 09, 2017
Why Are Conservatives More Susceptible To Believing Lies? ... -lies.html
Many conservatives have a loose relationship with facts. The right-wing denial of what most people think of as accepted reality starts with political issues: As recently as 2016, 45 percent of Republicans still believed that the Affordable Care Act included death panels (it doesn't). A 2015 poll found that 54 percent of GOP primary voters believed then-President Obama to be a Muslim (he isn't).

Then there are the false beliefs about generally accepted science. Only 25 percent of self-proclaimed Trump voters agree that climate change is caused by human activities. Only 43 percent of Republicans overall believe that humans have evolved over time.

And then it gets really crazy. Almost 1 in 6 Trump voters, while simultaneously viewing photographs of the crowds at the 2016 inauguration of Donald Trump and at the 2012 inauguration of Barack Obama , insisted that the former were larger. Sixty-six percent of self-described very conservative Americans seriously believe that Muslims are covertly implementing Sharia law in American courts. Forty-six percent of Trump voters polled just after the 2016 election either thought that Hillary Clinton was connected to a child sex trafficking ring run out of the basement of a pizzeria in Washington, D.C., or weren't sure if it was true.

If truth is judged on the basis of Enlightenment ideas of reason and more or less objective evidence, many of the substantive positions common on the right seem to border on delusional. The left is certainly not immune to credulity (most commonly about the safety of vaccines, GMO foods, and fracking), but the right seems to specialize in it. Misinformation is currently predominantly a pathology of the right, concluded a team of scholars from the Harvard Kennedy School and Northeastern University at a February 2017 conference. A BuzzFeed analysis found that three main hyperconservative Facebook pages were roughly twice as likely as three leading ultraliberal Facebook pages to publish fake or misleading information.

Why are conservatives so susceptible to misinformation? The right wings disregard for facts and reasoning is not a matter of stupidity or lack of education. College-educated Republicans are actually more likely than less-educated Republicans to have believed that Barack Obama was a Muslim and that death panels were part of the ACA. And for political conservatives, but not for liberals, greater knowledge of science and math is associated with a greater likelihood of dismissing what almost all scientists believe about the human causation of global warming.

Its also not just misinformation gained from too many hours listening to Fox News, either, because correcting the falsehoods doesn't change their opinions. For example, nine months following the release of President Obama's long-form birth certificate, the percentage of Republicans who believed that he was not American-born was actually higher than before the release. Similarly, during the 2012 presidential campaign, Democrats corrected their previous overestimates of the unemployment rate after the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the actual data. Republicans overestimated even more than before.

Part of the problem is widespread suspicion of facts, any facts. Both mistrust of scientists and other experts and mistrust of the mass media that reports what scientists and experts believe have increased among conservatives (but not among liberals) since the early 1980s. The mistrust has in part, at least, been deliberately inculcated. The fossil fuel industry publicizes studies to confuse the climate change debate; Big Pharma hides unfavorable information on drug safety and efficacy; and many schools in conservative areas teach students that evolution is just a theory. The public is understandably confused about both the findings and methods of science. Fake news deliberately created for political or economic gain and Donald Trump's claims that media sites that disagree with him are fake news add to the mistrust.
In addition, knowledge of the Republicans delusional thinking was known well before Donald Trump became the president,

The Atlantic
Elspeth Reeve, May 29th 2013
Why Fact-Checkers Find More GOP Lies ... ts/314794/
PolitiFact rated Republican claims to be "false" or "pants on fire" three times more often than it rated Democratic claims that way this year, according to a new study by the Center for Media and Public Affairs at George Mason University.
We can expect this delusional thinking to be front and center in the research the conservatives create and consume. The category on this website corroborating these findings and helping to explain the phenomena is found under Economic Inequality, DONALD TRUMP and the Republican Party: Anything Goes!, then under Brain Structure Drives The Consequent Effects Of Economic Inequality. What follows is a portion of my post under the last thread illustrating the importance of brain structure in this matter.

Post #14 by Doctor A, Tue Apr 03, 2018 4:44 pm
Conservatives Are More Likely to Believe Lies and Liberals Don't Share or Believe Fake News As Much As Right-Wingers. Why You Ask? Because Their Brains Are Wired Differently.
Here is some interesting neurological information regarding the differences between those who lie and those who do not as much:

From USC News
Liars Brains Wired Differently
BY Usha Sutliff
September 29, 2005 ... fferently/

After they were categorized, the researchers used Magnetic Resonance Imaging to explore structural brain differences between the groups. The liars had significantly more white matter and slightly less gray matter than those they were measured against, Raine said.

Specifically, liars had a 25.7 percent increase in prefrontal white matter compared to the antisocial controls and a 22 percent increase compared to the normal controls. Liars had a 14.2 percent decrease in prefrontal gray matter compared to normal controls.
More white matter the wiring in the brain may provide liars with the tools necessary to master the complex art of deceit, Raine said.
Lying takes a lot of effort,he said.

Its almost mind reading. You have to be able to understand the mindset of the other person. You also have to suppress your emotions or regulate them because you don't want to appear nervous. There's quite a lot to do there. You've got to suppress the truth.

Our argument is that the more networking there is in the prefrontal cortex, the more the person has an upper hand in lying. Their verbal skills are higher. They've almost got a natural advantage.

But in normal people, its the gray matter or the brain cells connected by the white matter that helps keep the impulse to lie in check.

Pathological liars have a surplus of white matter, the study found, and a deficit of gray matter. That means they have more tools to lie coupled with fewer moral restraints than normal people, Raine said.

They've got the equipment to lie, and they don't have the disinhibition that the rest of us have in telling the big whoppers,he said.

When people make moral decisions, they are relying on the prefrontal cortex. When people ask normal people to make moral decisions, we see activation in the front of the brain, he explained. If these liars have a 14 percent reduction in gray matter, that means that they are less likely to care about moral issues or are less likely to be able to process moral issues. Having more gray matter would keep a check on these activities.
Whenever I watch a newscast or read an article about Trump's supporters, I always keep in mind how their brains are wired much differently from mind. Knowing this cuts through the dialog and gives a clear picture of what is really happening. I have yet to see a newscast that brings up this subject matter. I have seen and heard every assumption by the talking heads based upon Freudian theory, to how they were potty trained, to how they were abused as children. All of this is a crock of Kimchi. Clearly it is their brain structure that drives their support and affiliation to Trump and allows them to believe his lies. No other rational thought or explanation will change this fact.
In my post #22, Re: Brain Structure Drives The Consequent Effects Of Economic Inequality
Posted by Doctor A, Fri Nov 02, 2018 10:44 pm, Paul Krugman adds perspective to this discussion,
The New York Times
A Party Defined by Its Lies
At this point, good people can't be good Republicans.
Paul Krugman Nov. 1, 2018 ... -lies.html

What are Republicans lying about? As I said, almost everything. But there are two big themes. They lie about their agenda, pretending that their policies would help the middle and working classes when they would, in fact, do the opposite. And they lie about the problems America faces, hyping an imaginary threat from scary dark-skinned people and, increasingly, attributing that threat to Jewish conspirators.

What Republicans truly stand for, and have for decades, is cutting taxes on the rich and slashing social programs. Sure enough, last year they succeeded in ramming through a huge tax cut aimed mainly at corporations and the wealthy, and came within one vote of passing a health reform that, according to the Congressional Budget Office, would have caused 32 million Americans to lose health coverage.

The G.O.P.'s problem is that this agenda is deeply unpopular. Large majorities of Americans oppose cuts in major social programs, while most voters want to raise, not reduce, taxes on corporations and high-income individuals.

But instead of changing their agenda to meet voter's concerns, Republicans have resorted to a strategy of deception and distraction. On one side, they have gone full black-is-white, up-is-down on policy substance. Most spectacularly, they are posing as defenders of protection for people with pre-existing conditions, protection that their failed health bill would have stripped away, and which they are now trying to take away through the courts. And they're claiming that Democrats are the ones threatening Medicare.

The crucial thing to realize is that these aren't just ugly, destructive lies. Beyond that, they shape the G.O.P.'s nature. It is now impossible to have intellectual integrity and a conscience while remaining a Republican in good standing. Some conservatives have these qualities; almost all of them have left the party, or are on the edge of excommunication.