Re: New Age Slavery

Posted: Fri Nov 13, 2015 10:27 am, #2
by Doctor A
Most assuredly Wage Inequality causes slavery, just not the type stereotypically portrayed on television or in the movies. When many people think of slavery they think of modern day Blacks or ancient Jews in the days of the Pharos. The slave, bound with ropes or iron shackles, was restrict in their freedom and forced to perform tasks they otherwise would not do. The conditions caused by Wage Inequality are still slavery but with the physical restraints now being replaced by economic constraints. This type of loss of freedom is slow and insidious but nevertheless real and debilitating in a physical sense. If your parents are poor, there is a greater likelihood you too will be poor. If your parents are uneducated, there is a greater likelihood you too will be uneducated. Those relegated to poorer neighborhoods are many times bound by the chains of drug addiction, poverty, crime, loss of medical attention, and the like. The fence of days gone by that restricted a servants movements is now replaced with a financial barrier of similar impenetrability. Both circumscribe the free will of the individual.

This is now slavery and on a grand worldwide scale. No longer is it restricted to small regions but rather large swaths of society are affected. Arguably one could say there are more slaves now than ever before because of population growth and the economic chains of Income Inequality encircling the planet. The resentment this is causing is growing. A ratio of 335:1 is better reserved for the gods, not CEOs who put their paints on one leg at a time like the rest of us mortals. Sooner or later merely expressing outrage will not be sufficient; it will be replaced with the fury of action.

I recently read a TechCrunch article with the title, "Robots To Eat All The Jobs." I offer the link for your review: ... eateathon/ It is an interesting piece of journalism given the bleak and depressing subject matter of what to do with the masses once the Robots take our jobs. How do you provide financially for so many people let alone give them purpose and meaning in their lives? But the one thing missing from the discussion, the silent elephant in the room, was what do you do with that many slaves?

Slavery seem to be embedded in our DNA. I do not know of a major ethnic or religious group around the world that was not enslaved at some point in time. And with slavery comes annihilation. It is in our history that the sick, weak, and troublemakers are culled from the herd first. Then come the legal justifications for mass extermination. History does not treat the slave well and I surmise this will carry on into our future. Do you really think they will take care of all of us? Why should they?

There is always the one individual who presents the idea this cannot happen because the masses will need money to buy the products the Robots make to maintain the financial status of the wealthy. This is nonsense. The Robots will be designed to be self replicating, taking the resources and substrates they need without money as will be stipulated by future laws on their behalf. As for the wealthy, it is obvious power is more alluring than wealth for most of them. Why have money when your Robotic minions can provide you with today's unimaginable future power.

I am not a Luddite. To the contrary I am a progressive who embraces the coming technological revolution with great hope. But we need to all wake up and smell the inhaled Nanoparticles before they imbed themselves in our cerebral tissue. There is little time for reasoned thought before we are all crushed beneath the heels of the elite few who wish to remain that way.