Re: New Age Slavery

Posted: Thu Nov 29, 2018 12:26 am, #32
by janebird21
"At the very least, we need to create an aura of shame around the greed of these CEOs and not exalt them to a God like status. Cultures can also be changed."

I completely agree with your well-phrased solution. Throughout history, the social concept has been to praise, admire, and follow wealthy individuals. It's a completely normal human reaction to follow and support people who have what we want. Society protects them by wanting to be them. What if this was taken away? Can the 1% even be ashamed? As an idealist, I would like to believe that the need for human acceptance does not elude anyone. What if we could change the way these individuals view society, view wealth, and maybe even themselves? The 1% needs to be so publically shamed that their future generations will want social acceptance so much they no longer follow the principles of their wealth hoarding family and associates. They control us with fear so we must make them fearful of their own kind.

Shame on greed.
Shame on the 1%.
Shame on economic inequality.