Re: Don't be fooled by the wealthy's economic research deception

Posted: Sat May 05, 2018 1:45 pm, #5
by Jessica
More Distortion Of The Truth

A suppressive totalitarian fortress, with thick walls built of lies and misrepresentations, is difficult to dismantle with pitchforks and torches. These conservative news people will stop at nothing to distort the truth especially by using selective ignorance. By this I mean they will selectively cherry pick what they want to be read to make their point; they want to keep the public ignorant by torpedoing known facts.

Here is an example about the Wall Street Journal's information suppression from Vanity Fair, This Is Censorship: W.S.J. Editor Tamps Down on This Income Inequality Nonsense The Wall Street Journal reporters in revolt say it isn't the first time. by Bess Levin, March 29, 2018. ... y-nonsense
The Wall Street Journal put together a feature about how the world has (and hasn't) changed since the crisis. It's an informative piece! Some of the things it reveals are that: Wall Street pay has bounced back from it's post-crisis lows; Happy days are here again for bank stocks; Virtually all of Donald Trump's regulators are now enforcing the industries that made them rich; The financial sector has once again become a larger segment of the economy, which could translate to future risks for borrowers and consumers in another crisis; and, Income inequality has increased sharply, with the top 1 percent controlling 38.7 percent of the nations wealth in 2016, up from 33.7 percent in 2007. On the other end, the bottom 90 percent share just 22.8 percent of the country''s wealth, down from 28.6 percent in 2007. None of which, apparently, a top editor at The Wall Street Journal wanted people to know, according to an e-mail that was circulated among staffers and the media earlier today, which read: This week a senior editor at the Wall Street Journal attempted to take a graphic offline because the facts it contained were not politically palatable. When that failed, it was de-surfaced, or, in other terms, taken off the front page and links were removed to it from as many places as possible. After an early flurry of traffic, views plummeted. This is censorship and it is beneath the standards of The Wall Street Journal.
It isn't the first time, either. This suppression is an example of what Sterling just wrote about totalitarianism in his post #16 written not long ago under the topic, "Pitchforks And Torches Will No Longer Be Able To Stop The 1%." It all fits together. Here I present five signs of totalitarianism. The presence of any one of these offenses alone casts doubt about a leader's commitments to democratic political leadership. When they occur together, however, they raise the alarm that we may be witnessing a derailment of a political experiment that has taken two and half centuries to refine. Sign 3: Regime Suppresses Knowledge Producers. Purges of universities, media organizations, think tanks, nonpartisan government administrations, and research institutes are de rigeur under totalitarian regimes. Throughout his campaign, Trump continued to deny the role of human action in climate change, which was resonant with an earlier astounding claim that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by China. One must think carefully about what it takes to offer such a conclusion. Essentially, a leader must have distrust bordering on disdain for scientists to act from the belief that a great many highly educated people in prestigious organizations simply do not know what they are talking about.

This hijacking of the narrative from a position of research based truth to one that that is diminished and soiled is a constant theme in the Trump administration. All of this is in the name of giving individuals and corporations economic advantages to become wealthier and stronger while they maintain their grip upon our collective necks.