Re: Let us know what you think about Wilkinson's video?

Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 6:53 pm, #3
by marshajmac
This was a great video showing all the factors that are adversely influenced by vast differences in income inequality in various countries and among US states. Wilkinson's video is a powerful, concise, informative, scientific overview of the problems created in society, and in terms of adverse influences on one's social psychology, in countries with significant ranges in income. Having traveled much of the world from Singapore, to Switzerland, England, Japan, Nepal, India, Canada, Mexico, etc., this presentation definitely presents a realistic view of what I have seen in my travels. Also, Wilkinson presents what I have seen in other documentaries and news segments (e.g., 60 Minutes) about the positive level of contentment, happiness, health, education, and social well being in countries with tight income equality and how that differs from those levels in countries that have a greater range of income inequality. Lastly, people in wealthy countries or societies should not be barely able to scrape by despite working hard (and in some cases working hard with advances college degrees, such as those dedicated to working in biomedical research), while those at the top live in opulence and luxury. I once heard a young woman living in a wealthy region of my city say, on the heels of her divorce, that she did not want to work, that she should not have to work, that working was beneath her! I was stunned. Absolutely stunned. She felt that after divorce she should be able to continue to have a nanny and house keeper, and she said that she found it repulsive and beneath her to have to join the work force. That is not the spirit of all for one and one for all. That is the social psychology of feeling privileged based on one's economic station in society, one's economic class, the social psychology of not having to contribute in a constructive, practical way to the good of the whole--that is simply an irrational sense of narcissistic privilege born from vast gaps in economic class. Wilkinson's presentation presents perfectly this type of dysfunction born of huge gaps in economic equality.