Re: Let us know what you think about Wilkinson's video?

Posted: Tue Nov 03, 2015 1:33 pm, #2
by Doctor A
Wow, what an eye opener! The counter-intuitive aspects of economic inequality boggle the mind. Before I watched this video I assumed the grim effects if economic inequality were based upon an absolute degree of wealth and income. Little did I realize it is the perceived social hierarchy and a persons standing relative to others that was the culprit. Also, until I watched the video I did not realize the degree to which economic inequality was effecting me and others.

I always thought this was about the other person when I saw it on the news. All those Economists with their statistics did not get through to me. It was just words. But here Wilkinson links everything together with facts and studies. He took it right down to the gut level and showed me it all around me all the time. Albeit just a small portion of the video, the part about how it effects me at a biological subconscious level was especially interesting. No wonder I feel stressed out all the time. Thank you for posting this video.