Purpose Statement Read First

Purpose Statement Read First

The Following Purpose Statement Explains What Our Community Members Will Achieve By Their Participation On The Final FirstRateCrowd Platform. An Initial Collective Donation Of $800,000 Is First Needed To Move The Project Towards Its Final Goal. All Donations From Any Campaign Regardless Of Outcome Will Be Used Towards This Final Goal.

It Also Describes What You As An Individual Member Will Receive For Your Participation On The Final Platform. This Includes The Opportunity To Help The Community Own The Platform, To Set The Direction Of The Company With Your Vote, The Option For Gainful Employment, The Ability To Earn Cash Rewards — And Most Importantly — Stopping Income And Economic Inequality As The Most Existential Threats To Your Life.

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First Concept: Building Our Own Company

Everything on this website is related in some manner to the following three basic concepts. Each of these three basic concept sections will present a more generalized concept first followed by a related but more specific section already on the site.

1A: The First Basic Concept

FirstRateCrowd is building a new type of company, and you are invited to help. After it is built, we will turn the keys to this new company over to the community members who helped build it. You, as a member of this community, will then have the satisfaction and financial rewards of being a member of your own community company.

Crowdsourcing is a specific outsourcing model—the contracting out of a business process—in which individuals or organizations use contributions from Internet users to obtain needed services or ideas. The diverse crowd of people who help to build FirstRateCrowd is a form of crowdsourcing. The diverse crowd of people who donate money to FirstRateCrowd so it can be established is a form of crowdfunding.

1B: The First Specific Content On The Site

A crowdsourced and crowdfunded rating and development company for the community to eventually control and, in principle, own for themselves.

This starts out as a company to rate multiple dimensions of member created crowds upon the site. Here members will earn cash rewards and eventually undertake their own crowdsourcing and crowdfunding projects. Our company encourages you to rate ideas and then to implement these ideas if they show feasibility. Overtime, when the community meets a set of challenges, the company will be turned over to the community for their control and, in principle, ownership.

In order to create this part of the platform, the community members will first need to raise the capital necessary to finance this type of sophisticated rating and development company. The details, as to how this capital will be used in the second phase of the project, are established in FirstRateCrowd's business plan. Once built and operational, this community business will generate the revenue needed to fund itself and aspects of the two other concepts presented below.

This concept's forum discussion is located on the home page under the major category titled, "The Community Business Venture."

Second Concept: Stopping Economic Inequality

2A: The Second Basic Concept

The USA and some other countries around the world have a very high level of economic inequality. This is not good. It generally means that only a few people at the very top of a nation's economic ladder reap the great majority of rewards that nation produces. These individuals are referred to as the top 1%. Those who are lower on the economic ladder are referred to as the 99%. They receive much less of the nation's rewards but perform the majority of its work. Research overwhelmingly indicates that it is this gap between the wealthy and all others on this economic ladder that creates many of the harmful effects among a nation's people; this subsequently produces a more dysfunctional society.

The new type of crowdsourced and crowdfunded company structure—as presented by FirstRateCrowd—will help to greatly reduce the gap between the wealthy and all other economic segments of society. This, in turn, will decrease the harmful effects of economic inequality that plague our society. It is a new way for everyone to benefit more fairly from the work they do. As an integrated community, we support any form of reduced economic inequality toward the betterment of the 99%.

2B: The Second Specific Content On The Site

The deteriorating state of economic inequality and why our community needs to stop its ruinous consequences now.

This concept's forum discussion has the goal of generating ideas and solutions to stop economic inequality. It is located on the home page under the major category titled, "Economic Inequality."

Once this forum's members decide upon the best ways to solve the economic inequality problems we face, these best ideas will then be transferred to the second phase of the community's business venture. Here the ideas will be further evaluated for feasibility, development, and eventual implementation.

For example, the equality community's first idea to stop economic inequality has been posted and is currently open for discussion. It is titled, "Let us establish our own financial institution for the 99%." This involves the creation of a bank or credit union for use by the 99%. If this proves to be the best idea, out of the many ideas we hope will be suggested, it will be transferred to the community's business venture for further evaluation and eventual implementation.

The creation of a large entity, such as a credit union or a bank for the 99%, is a complex and sophisticated project. This is the reason the crowdsourcing community members involved with the first concept will need to establish the fully developed community business venture. It allows for the resources and advanced tools to be in place not only for themselves, but also for the ideas generated by the members working on the second and third concepts.

Third Concept: Equity Inequality Rating App (EIRA)

3A: The Third Basic Concept

As part of our stance against economic inequality, FirstRateCrowd has developed the conceptual framework for a new type of technology in the form of an Economic Inequality Rating App (EIRA). This simple-to-use phone app will help us to make better economic choices in the market place; these choices will support those of us in the 99%. It is a means to rapidly reduce economic inequality on a large scale. Once commercially available and widely used, EIRA will be the most powerful technology available to stop economic inequality. Our community welcomes your participation to create the demand for this new technology. Let us all work together to bring this technology forward; doing anything less would be an injustice to us all.

3B: The Third Specific Content On The Site

FirstRateCrowd has formulated a conceptual framework to develop an Economic Inequality Rating App for handheld phone or other use.

This will essentially become a way for the 99% to economically boycott select members or aspects of the 1%. The Rating App will provide clear guidelines as to which products and services, or which individuals providing these products or services, are aligned with the 99%-Crowd in contrast to those aligned with the 1%. By following these ratings, the 99% can not only capture the revenue normally lost to the 1% through economic inequality, but can also redirect this revenue back to themselves.

We believe that putting this form of technology into the hands of the consumer has the power to shift the economic inequality equation in favor of the 99%. Such an idea, if implemented on a large enough scale, will stop economic inequality. This is the reason our FirstRateCrowd members fully supports creating the demand for this technology.

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