This is an outline version of our operational business plan for the community. It allows members and the public a sense of the scope and depth of the project without presenting a much larger set of details. This limited disclosure protects the proprietary property of the community. The original non-outline plan establishes how the community forms and operates. It is a 32 page document which is an abridged form of an even larger 230 page working document.

After a period of time and growth, select members of the community will be able to review the full 32 page business plan upon the signing of a Non-disclosure Agreement. They may then report back to the community as to the plans validity and substance, indicating to others, the full nature of the plan.

The forum website, as it is currently functioning in its first phase, does not have the software capabilities to involve the community in much of the basic development of the early business plan. However, once the project is fully funded and launched in the second phase, with the necessary software and resources set in place, the community members will have a much greater opportunity to participate in the development of their own company.


I) General Structure of The Crowd Site's Formal Content And Ratings

A) The starting crowds on the site are as follows:

1) General community (all members are automatically enrolled here).

2) Crowd communities (members can self-select one or as many crowds that interest them at registration or thereafter).

B) Discussion and Rating software package.

II) The Membership Levels

1) Standard Membership:

2) Verified Membership:

3) Verified Membership Plus Rewards:

4) Active Members:

5) Multiple Levels:

III) The Open Challenge, "The Community Company Is The Goal"

A) Table for doubling formula

B) Internal and External Advertisement Sales

IV) Site Operations and Positions

A) Operational Considerations

1. Independent contractor status

2. Cash Rewards

3. Decision-Making

4. Operations Manual and Succession Plan (OM&SP)

B) Site Positions, Responsibilities, Rewards

1) Community Corporate Operator

2) Generator Positions

a) Community Generator

b) Community Representative Generator to the LLC

3) Ancillary Dynamo positions
a) Volunteer Coordinator
b) Sales Force Advertisement Coordinator
c) Formal Content Production Coordinator
d) Help Coordinator
e) Media Coordinator
f) Operations Facilitator To The community Generator
g) Independent Contractor Compliance Coordinator
h) Crowd Dynamo Positions
4) Shout-Out Reward Positions

a) Volunteers on the site
b) Actively participating members within each crowd

C) Income Estimations For Each Position

V) More About Our Cash Rewards

VI) Sales Positions To Earn Income And Support The Mission


Step 1)
Step 2)
Step 3)

VIII) The Operations Software Available On The Site To Support The Mission

A) Software

B) Conflict Of Interest And Recusal

C) Other Featured Software Includes:

1) BaseCamp Project Management
2) WordPress Blog Management
3) Report Generator
4) Content Search
5) Glossary of Terms Index Locator
6) Member Sort and Organizer
7) Message Boards
8) Pre-configured Tell a Friend or Company
9) Advertisers Contact List Database
10) independent contractor Site Language and Culture
11) Site Resolution Protocols including the removal of members from the site.

D) Policy And Procedure Manual

IX) A Vision For The Future