6. Dr. Shameem Heetun (Specific Discussion)

A community forum related to all aspects of our first six ABOUT sections. Developing, Building, and Implementing the Business Venture.

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6. Dr. Shameem Heetun (Specific Discussion)

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Dr. Shameem Heetun, Fulbright Scholar, and CEO of Antilope, LLC

Dr. Heetun has lived and studied on four different Continents. She has degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Accounting, a Doctor of Business Administration in Strategic Management, and an MBA. As the managing member of Antilope, LLC, the parent company of FirstRateCrowd.com, she has implemented a sophisticated and effective platform designed to reduce Economic Inequality on a worldwide scale.

"Truly, the single most important factor threatening the very existence of our world today is the growth of Economic Inequality. It is at the root of much that is wrong and unjust, fraying the very threads of the social weave which binds us together. From climate change to war, poverty, pollution, and a multitude of social ills, it is the one denominator we have the power to change in order to prevent the collapse of our Civilization."

"Without doubt, crowdsourcing and crowdfunding are the single most important tools for bringing our organization and society forward."

A special message to our community members from Shameem.

Dear community members,

We are launching the website and welcome all your comments. The community will have the opportunity to execute all the beneficial ideas and suggestions you offer in Phase 2 of the project. Kindly bear with us until that time.

I understand the need for our community members to be more involved in the initial planning and development of the project. It is, after all, your own project. But the forum website, as it is currently functioning in this first phase, does not have the needed capabilities to involve the community in much of the basic development of the early business plan. However, once the project is fully funded and launched in the second phase, the site will have the necessary software and resources set firmly in place. This will allow for a much greater level of end-user participation. Our community members will then have the opportunity to contribute significantly to the development and direction the company takes.

Although I wish otherwise, we will all need to be patient and wait until this level of community involvement can be achieved in a realistic and meaningful way. As it is ultimately your project, your voices will be heard.

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