Summary Of FirstRateCrowd


First Rate Crowd is developing a unique and profitable web platform that leads to the creation of a new form of corporation for its community members; it is a corporation that in principle will ultimately become their own. It is a crowdsourced platform with a more democratic functionality than that of traditional corporations, allowing persons to work in, and eventually launch, their own community projects. The overall result is a vibrant collaborative venture. It is more efficient and effective at producing economic returns than the standard company model allows. The new structure serves the needs of the community and society to reduce income inequality.

First Rate Crowd starts out as a rating company; the model is unique and dynamic in its reward-based system that is rarely seen in a standard company. It is an exciting concept that will eventually allow our community members to fund projects they believe in and support. The platform will have many different special interest groups and members are welcome to get involved in the areas that interest them; these will grow over time as we accumulate more members.

By ownership we mean the community eventually owns the majority of the profits and runs the operations of the platform. The reins of control for the company are gradually turned over to the community using a powerful yet flexible system of controls. The more the community participates, the more the operational functions and profits are turned over to them; the community does not, however, own the limited liability corporation (LLC). With the eventual goal of an Initial Public Offering (IPO), members and others will have the ability to own stock in the enterprise at that time.

The management team is well-versed in the need of this community and in a perfect position to execute on the business model. The startup venture requires $800,000 in community crowdfunding. For this, the community will receive as a final position an 85% share of the net revenue profits after an open challenge is met for member rewards and growth of the platform. Antilope LLC, the parent company of First Rate Crowd, will receive a 7.5% share and the remaining 7.5% share will be permanently dedicated towards a national advertisement campaign to ensure future growth. Most importantly, individual members and the community as a whole will gain unprecedented control over the direction and substance of the entire operation.

After our community funds the project, nearly 60% of the funds received will go towards the development of the site's formal computer software with the remainder being allocated towards startup and operations. The software development and Beta testing will take place over a 6-month period before the launch of the formal site. Thereafter, financial rewards and community control will grow in return for the investment at a substantial rate as the company continues to unfold.

These ideas and concepts will affect how business is conducted; they provide a different and better perspective to the current productivity model we all endure. While still being firmly grounded in operational principles, the innovative qualities of this community venture make it fresh and exciting.

We invite you to help us start the development and growth of our crowdsourced community. Share your thoughts and aspiration on our current site's forum and help us develop our soon to be announced Indigogo funding drive. Let us make this a better day for everyone while doing good in the world. It is after all ultimately our own community business venture.