About Dr. Shameem Heetun, Fulbright Scholar, and CEO of Antilope, LLC

Dr. Heetun has lived and studied on four different Continents. She has degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Accounting, a Doctor of Business Administration in Strategic Management, and an MBA.

As the managing member of Antilope, LLC, the parent company of FirstRateCrowd's Fight Inequality website, she has implemented a sophisticated and effective platform designed to reduce Economic Inequality on a worldwide scale.

"Truly, the single most important factor threatening the very existence of our world today is the growth of Economic Inequality. It is at the root of much that is wrong and unjust, fraying the very threads of the social weave which binds us together. From climate change to war, poverty, pollution, and a multitude of social ills, it is the one denominator we have the power to change in order to prevent the collapse of our Civilization."

About our website

The Fight Inequality website is dedicated to stopping wealth, income, and economic inequality; these inequalities are toxic to us individually and to society overall.

To stop these inequalities, we are developing an Economic Inequality Rating App (EIRA). It is a mechanism to transfer the revenue normally going to the elite 1% back to our 99% community for our own benefit. This technology is the single most powerful idea to stop inequality with the ability to change the world around in favor of the 99%.

We are fast approaching the end of an era where the pitchfork and torch paradigm will no longer be effective at stopping the wealthy elite. The transfer of wealth from the 1% back to the 99% by use of the EIRA will significantly reduce the nationwide economic inequality experienced in today’s society. This puts power back into the hands of the 99% where it rightfully belongs. Only then will economically based social ills within our society begin to dissipate—including the dire consequences of a realized dystopian reality and ultimate elimination of the human race.

Our future's bleak outcomes are being enhanced by two powerful streams merging together to create the ultimate disaster: the coming technological singularity and increasing economic inequality. Economic inequality creates more new-technology profitability for the 1%, which then creates more uncontrolled economic inequality through further investing in new technology. These two streams—technological singularity and economic inequality—massively feed upon each other. The proposed EIRA can change the trajectory of these negative outcomes for the betterment of all humanity..

Let there be no doubt, the single most important aspect we are really battling for here is to control the future, our future. Will we control it or let the wealthy elite control our destiny? Make no mistake; what happens here will determine the outcome of humanity. Whoever controls the Singularity will control the future; will it be them or us? This is why the development of the EIRA is so important.

Our "Guide To Saving Humanity," found on the navigation bar, explains how stopping inequality with the EIRA is essential for the survival of the human race.

What follows is a listing of the caustic impact of inequality upon our society. You are invited to join us on the website to turn these inequalities around.

Wars (increased)
Terrorism (increased)
Life expectancy (decreased)
Math and literacy (decreased)
Climate change (increased)
Infant mortality (increased)
Homicides (increased)
Imprisonment (increased)
Teenage births (increased)
Trust (decreased)
Obesity (increased)
Mental illness (increased)
Drug addiction (increased)
Alcoholism (increased)
Social and work mobility (decreased)
Impact of money in politics (increased)
Pollution (increased)
Women's rights (decreased)
Racism (increased)
Food Insecurity (increased)