1-A Economic Inequality: The Outrage! TODAY'S CONCERNS

With respect to the current state of economic inequality in the USA, if you can relate to any of these synonyms for the word OUTRAGE , either as a noun or as a verb, then you are in the correct forum:

Indignation, Fury, Anger, Rage, Disapproval, Wrath, Resentment, Scandal, Offense, Insult, Injustice, Disgrace, Atrocity, Crime, Wrong, Barbarism, Enrage, Infuriate, Incense, Anger, Scandalize, Offend, Affront, Shock, Horrify, Disgust, Appall, Evil, Violation, and the list goes on...

Before you begin, CLICK HERE to learn about the Counter-Intuitive Impact Of Economic Inequality upon the problems of health and society. This speaks to the very core of the matter; Economic Inequality Is Harmful.

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1-A Economic Inequality: The Outrage! TODAY'S CONCERNS

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